It is not surprising that Angelina Jolie did such a wonderful thing (having a double mastectomy) with intentions of protecting her children and family life with long time partner Brad Pitt. The shocking share is that the news about her carrying a faulty mutation of the BRCA 1 Gene, making her more prone to certain cancers, was kept hush hush until recently.

Celebrities with Star Power like Angelina Jolie usually has trouble keeping all things about their lives private and under wraps for too long, even when the information is confidential.

We are glad she has reduced her chances of getting cancer by having her breast removed. Now we just wish the rumor pool would stop buzzing about her getting falsies. Having her breast removed does not take away from her sex appeal. Whatever she chooses to do, we are 100% behind her, always. Make no mistake, Angelina Jolie is still that chic who knows how to play hard on and off screen for what's hers. When it's time to be mommy she is all in, giving her clan all the attention they need. From shopping sprees to trips abroad, Bradgelina just keep going on and on like Duracell.

There is no stopping her career either. Angelinas Movie "In The Land Of Blood & Honey has been out for quite some time on DVD, but we are still a sucker for the classics like Wanted and Salt, two of our favorites. Wanted made $134,568,845 at the box office and Salt grossed $118,311,368. Now that's the Big Time for Hollywood for real! Female fans often talk about how hard Angelina plays and her roles on screen only make men love her characters even more. The characters she usually portray on screen have the ability to put females into Wonder Woman Mode, mainly because women need to feel like champions. We wear so many hats for our families, taking on careers and traditional roles in the home. The responsibility can be challenging, no matter how rewarding it is to perform well. Besides that, Angelinas movies are something women can watch with their man without having to worry about their dude spazzing out for lack of action.

Success doesn't keep the female hater cloud from looming up above because of her infamous beginning with Brad Pitt. Guys really could careless, but some females will never forget it, especially when they look at her beautiful family.

Even if you don't think Wanted and Salt are classics or that Angelina is the sister girl type, you have to respect her for having a procedure done that helps in creating the longevity needed to secure her future existence. "Maleficent, her new movie, is in post production right now and is scheduled to hit theaters in 2014. It plays on the good and evil theme like Beyonce's Epic. Ladies just a little friendly advice, set up date night with your man and watch Wanted/Salt and watch what happens. Truly, you will probably shock him and he will like it!

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