Don't Think Genes, Think Immunity!

Okay Buzzers, as the Fall Season starts to come in, pathogens are lurking, leaves are falling along with pollen, from our trees, colder temperatures make us want to cozy up under comfortable, warm cashmere throws and we ultimately want to ignore our alarm clocks, for just 5 more minutes.

At least that pretty much describes what I want to do, when frigid temperatures start easing beneath door jams. That's right before I bring out the electric heater, or course.

Besides craving hot chocolate like crazy, I do become a little more health conscious, around this time of year. Allergies are a big issue that pretty much runs in the family. My Mother has always suffered from hay fever and itchy, watery eyes are something our entire household had to face at some point. Sometimes I still rub my eyes until they are fire red and burning like mad. A cool towel usually provides mild relief. Although, most times I need something stronger, and composed of some type of medicinal ingredients (instead of just cloth) to remedy my problem.

Today, a popular go to product for some consumers is Claritin-D. Written across the front of the package are quite a few things that instantly caught my attention.

Claritin-D is

  • Non Drowsy
  • Good for Indoor/Outdoor Allergies
  • also good for congestion

When I was completing clinicals as a Nursing Student, at Ochsner Hospital, in Metarie, I started to appreciate breathing well, a lot more. Watching many of my post operative patients using oxygen, put clear passageways into a new perspective.

The fact that Claritin-D offers help with congestion too, means it's a multi-sympthoms product. I guess having something other than a face full of Noxzema (when I'm congested) would help me feel a lot better, faster.

Although, Claritin-D is usually available without a prescription, you may have to ask your Pharmacist for assistance, as it may be located behind the Pharmacy Counter. Go here for coupon savings.

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