Angela Bassett joined American Horror Story and it made me want to watch the creepy show, even though the laughs did not add up like or even come close to the crazy, hilarious laughs I had when I watched A Thin Line Between Love and Hate. The Actress is proving that poor health is no laughing matter. Basset joined the For My Sweetheart Campaign earlier this year to use her Celebrity Voice to encourage us all to recognize risk factors and the link between type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease. When Celebrities speak, we often listen a little more intently. Type 2 Diabetes is an epidemic that has affected many of my loved ones and the disease also has affected 1/3 of the American population, according to Laura Hieronymus DNP in Diabetes Magazine. The actually numbers are 30 million with another 84 million being at risk for developing it. Being aware of the risk factors that cause diabetes means you are empowered during the predicaments stage, helping you to prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

The risk factors

  • Being overweight/obese
  • Family history of diabetes
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Race
What you can do
  • Exercise- Walking more and doing about 2.5 hours of exercise per week can help
  • Change your eating habits- make it a point to shop fresh by going to your local Farmers Market or buy more from the produce section at your local grocery store
  • Buy a Fitbit- Keep yourself motivated and track with exercise by using your tracking device and keeping up with your steps everyday.  The recommended amount of daily steps is 10,000.  However, start with a comfortable goal when you connect your Fitbit device and increase as you get more comfortable
  • Don't get caught up in how much- Focus on increasing your activity and not having a sedentary lifestyle and don't get caught up in the numbers.  Once you are more comfortable with adding in fitness, you will find yourself exceeding your goals
  • Follow people and groups that are doing what you want to be doing.  Doing so will keep you motivated and on track with your own goals
  • Connect with useful resources like National Diabetic Prevention Program, American Association of Diabetes Educators, USDA Choose My Plate, Academy Of Nutrition and Diabetes, American Diabetes Association

    Last but not least, checking your local governement's website for safe paved walking paths and trails is a suggestion included in Diabetes Magazine. Also, focus on Diabetes Self Management That's all. Kudos...