There are such things as Superfoods which come highly recommended by health enthusiasts and health professionals who believe that proper diet is essential to good health.

So many great things have been happening surrounding coffee, one of the Superfoods featured in the Jan./Feb. Issue of Health Magazine. Coffee being identified as such because of the caffeine from the coffee beans it contains. Here's the haps:

First, I score a freebie of the Dyma Burn Extreme, after being asked by a Marketing Executive to try it on for size. The benefits? Controlled appetite, faster metabolism, higher energy levels, and more fat burning ability.

Second, Health Magazine stated that coffee is one of the Superfoods because its a natural fat burner, spiking metabolism. According to the publication, a Spanish study determined that "fit people who consumed caffeine before they exercised, torched 15% more calories in 3 hours than those who had not had any caffiene.

Third, In Ethiopian Culture, a coffee ritual is performed after meals including injera (spongy sourdough flatbread) and Wot (a stew or curry prepared with chicken, beef, lamb, or vegetables and fixed with berbere sauce and clarified butter).

Fourth, My Son Rodell just asked his girlfriend of 5 years to marry him at Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, after eating on beignets and sipping on a hot brew.

Fifth, I scored a $5 Starbucks Gift Card for participating in Viacom's My Voice Community. I am over the moon because Starbucks is the next best thing since Cafe Du Monde and drinks at their cafe are sort of expensive, especially if you make it a part of your everyday routine.

Do you drink coffee? I do and I love putting Irish Creme Flavor in mine. I'm also benefiting from using Dyma Burn Extreme. It really does help to speed up my metabolism. You may be thinking how does she know its working? The simple answer is...I studied the Digestive System when I was in college learning nutrition as a Nursing Student. To clarify a bit on....once our bodies metabolize food it is going through a cycle which ends when our bodies release its waste products. Waste products are the things that our bodies can not use for nutrition or energy. Everytime we eat and our stomachs get full, we begin a new cycle. As the cycle of releasing waste happens more often, as it has been happening since I started using Dyma Burn Extreme, it's obvious that my metabolism has increased. I hope you decide to try Dyma Burn Extreme before trying your next diet or cleanse. I'm sure you will notice a change in your cravings and increased metabolism too. Here is a look at an Ethiopian Coffee Ritual. I'm sure you will enjoy watching it. The link to it was included on the Shoppers Voice Website. That's all.