Working full time or are you--------- one of the part time workers who are taking advantage of the Part Time Benefits Packages available through your employer, to manage your healthcare needs, using insurance coverage not meeting Obamacare Requirements? No matter what choice you make, one thing is for certain. The fight for benefits offering women an opportunity to have maternity leave and maintain their status is what helped to draw attention to benefits offered by employers to both part time and full time workers. After my status changed abruptly and I was out starting fresh, seeking full time work again, I began to understand the value in having some coverage and benefits, even if they are sup par. The value of benefits becomes more evident when you do not have the option of having benefits awarded to most full time workers.

At Stein Mart, I work as a Service Associate and I absolutely love the Part Time Benefits Package I have right now.

I can see Doctors and Specialist or go to clinics and hospitals too. I've used my insurance to see a Vascular Specialist who recommended I have Leg Ablations performed on both legs. Here is a list of what it cost me to get my Venous Insufficiency diagnosis.

Melbourne Vascular & Vein

  • Office vist/Consultation - charge=$134.00  Insurance paid=$25.00   My share=$109.00
  • Venuous Duplex up/lower- charge=$386.00 Insurance paid=$202.00 My share=$184.00
  • Getting the results - charge=$88.00  Provider Adjustment= $15.00 My share=$73.00

The best benefit of the insurance saves me time and money. It's Tele Doc which brings TeleHealth to light. For minor medical needs/ailments using video/phone consultations can make all the difference in cost and convenience, saving consumers and providers alike, time and money. "A new network of care providers offering video-based virtual visits enables UnitedHealthcare plan participants across the country to choose from in-network virtual care provider groups, then see and speak with a doctor using real-time audio and video technology to obtain a diagnosis and any necessary prescriptions for minor medical needs including allergies, sinus and bladder infections, bronchitis and other conditions." Watch the video below to see how telehealth is changing things for me and other consumers who want to save time and money on healthcare.

TeleDoc, Doctor On Demand and Now Clinic are all of the ways you can access TeleHealth Services. If you are one of the many Members using the Health4Me App, you can locate a list of participating providers who are conducting Virtual Visits and helping to modernize the way we receive our healthcare. Wellness Programs and Preventative Services are one thing but being able to quickly access a provider really makes everything so much more personal. It was so easy and convenient for me to pick up my cetirizine at the pharmacy and I did not have to drop it off myself either. Virtual Visits are changing things for Pharmacists too. You can read more about virtual visits with UnitedHealthcare here.That's all.