Optimize Defense

You may be laughing and enjoying all of those extra things you like to do , fancying yourself in the highs of life. There is nothing wrong with that either. I'm all for living in the moment. Except, that is usually when life gives you a rude wake up call. The lows of life can hit you at an unexpected time and then it happens! You start to feel a little unusual, out of your normal upbeat element, realizing that something is not quite right. Once you experience your first sneeze or that dreaded dry cough, you decide to accept that you must be coming down with something. The flu, upset stomach, nausea, stuffy nose, and let's not forget to mention, fever. All of these conditions and symptoms seem all to real.

Now, you may be thinking, what can you do to avoid falling into one of these ill predicaments. Fortifying my way is not fail proof but I guarantee that a little extra comfort will go a long way. Never fear; here are a few things you can do to prepare for the unexpected and maintain comfort at the same time.

  •  Purchase cold and other medications before the bug strikes you or your family members. Way before that first symptom catches you off guard, get what you need ahead of time. (cough syrup, Cepacol icon)
  • Keep Puffs on hand for runny noses
  • Purchase a mini wastebasket to use specifically for those times when you and yours are not feeling well
  • Keep a bottle of Scott's Emulsion (tropical fruit) 400 Ml. handy
  • Purchase Soft peppermints and place them in a candy jar on a table or dresser in the home
  • Keep Noxzema on hand for more than deep cleaning (eucalyptus oil helps you breathe better)
  • Purchase some Raw Shea Butter Soap (Shea Moisture) for cleaning the face and body It contains an age old secret remedy 

Your on hand keepers and purchases will help you to start your care plan off immediately, once the dreaded bug invades your home front. Stock piling many of your favorite remedies like Cepacol, among others, does a world of good, especially for any type of sore throat or mouth irritations. The new Cepacol in the Cooling flavor also aides in helping you to breathe better. Its something about the menthol effect that you will appreciate, when you are feeling ill.
With Puffs it is easy to fall in love. Nothing against Kleenex but Puffs are an Abornewords favorite. The big bad sneeze is no match for Puffs.

Scotts Emulsion is something that will help build get your immune system back up so you can stop looking like the people in the photo to your left. You need the waste basket for those used tissues because of germs. Preventing germs from spreading, to other members of your family and other open surfaces, will help keep your surrounding cleaner and more tidy.

Peppermints are good for the aftermath of flavor left on the tongue from taking distasteful medication. They also help with nausea and soothe the stomach.

Noxzema is a Godsend for those times when stuffy noses keep you up at night. Covering the face with a warm to hot towel after applying Noxzema, will help to open up passages that may be swollen. (leave it on the face for a while for the best result) You are sure to sleep well through the night.

The Raw Shea Butter Soap by Shea Moisture is also good for those days when you are feeling under the weather. It helps when you are feeling stuffy. According to its label, the myrrh in the ingredients may have something to do with the effectiveness of the soap, as myrrh is called an ancient remedy. Shea Moisture is also not tested on animals. The label bares the Cruelty-free Bunny face and ears.

The reason we are warning you about the July Flu is because summer is the worst time to fall ill. Around July is when Summer is just starting to feel nice. Your winter clothes have been packed away so long, and somehow colds in the Summer just feel even more wrong. Sniffles in the summer is like a blizzard in the winter. It's just not cool to feel bad, so do everything you can to stay "Happy & Healthy". What are some of your favorite remedies for health and wellness and when was the last time you didn't make it though a cold?