Exploration can take you to many places. You don't have to hop on a bus, train, or plane to experience it either. Books on tape are an extraordinary tool, if you decide to take the shortcut with reading. Another experience with BOT brought me to a point where I at least questioned whether or not the birds and the bees should be told using another creature roaming the earth. Eels in particular, just because of my recent exposure to Memoirs of A Geisha written by Arthur Golden.

Geisha Fukuoka

Eels and caves were how the talented author described one conversation that took place between a Geisha and her sister, giving details of how men and women made their sexual connection happen. It was quite interesting to me because immediately I wondered if there was a cultural difference in how Japanese Women and other women living in world countries told talked about sexual intercourse.

To soften the details of what sexual intercourse really is or to at least speak more euphemistically about it, is what Arthur Golden accomplished in helping to tell the story of what a Geisha Lifestyle entails. Without having to revert to using (the birds & the bees analogy) a commonly chosen angle in our Western Society, the topic of how babies are born or how the sexual act itself happens was spelled out a little differently.

There were other twist and turns in the book that helped connect the characters to one another. Geishas to their mothers, Geishas to their fellow sisters, and also Geishas to their male companions. The eel and cave reference referring to what happens during sexual relations is what stood out most, like the references used to describe the lifestyle of a Geisha as something different than prostitution.  Although there were many, those topics could make for a nice Philosophical Discussion on cultural differences in expression.

Are Geishas with all their mannerisms, training, and extensive grooming any different than a knowledgeable woman with skills, her own interest, and an opinion to share? Could an average woman keep the company of distinguished gentlemen by simply being beautiful, informed, and interested in good conversation? No matter how you answer these questions, it's about men and women enjoying each others company. You don't have to be a Geisha or a Prostitute to meet amazing men who take care of you. In the end, it seems to fall back to  the age old saying that Grandma & Mama use to say all the time. It's not what you do, it's how you do it!

Do you think there is a double standard creating a difference in how we look at Geisha's and Prostitutes and does our legal system play a role in how we see things?

Memoirs of a Geisha - Arthur Golden

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