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Source: The Official Microsoft Blog

It's no secret that fitness focused devices are a trend that is proliferating just like  Mainstream Mindfulness which is one of the trends named by Professor Rohit Bhargava, in his newest book, detailing how to become a Trend Curator and predict the future. The way we think can affect our health.

There is really no convincing needed once we think about taking steps to improve our health. The hardest thing really becomes choosing the right routine(s) to use and the right device(s) to help us achieve our goals.

We may value the opinion of the Jolly Good Fellow Of Google and follow his routines of meditation so that we will become more aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and how we interact with others but I do not know if I or any one of you will allow him to tell us which Fitness Device should adorn our wrist.
There is a chance that many of us might listen to Microsoft though. Microsoft wants to convince consumers to buy in on their Health & Fitness Band. Microsoft is boasting about how many positive user reviews have been posted thus far and are apparently using those numbers as an indicator of the brands potential, to gain a portion of the Fitness Band Market Share which accounts for some 7 million users, according to data collected by Microsoft.

Microsoft does not want to stop at tracking running and exercise but has goals to monitor sleep patterns and more. The brand partnered with Best Buy and Big Box Retailer Target to increase marketing channels for its Microsoft Health and Fitness Band. Microsoft wants to hear feedback from consumers because the data collected is going to be instrumental as they move forward in developing new technology. Their purpose, simply stated, to "encourage healthier and more productive lifestyles" Remember we price match at Best Buy, so shop with us for a World Class Experience and your Everyday Stardom Moment.  Are you using a Fitness Band and where did you purchase it?

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