The past couple of weeks have been extremely busy and a little crazy for me. It was work, lots of reading, study time and 40 hours of classroom time, but I pulled through. I even missed posting last weekend because I was studying to pass the Florida State Exam to become a Licensed Health Agent. I kept you all in the dark because I wanted to focus and finish strong. After being sponsored by TeleTech to participate in their training program which is very thorough. I feel so ready to embark on new opportunities and I am well on my way to being Licensed and appointed. Thank God! It feels great and like everything I have done and that which I am now doing, has prepared me for this new time in my life. Who says latter years can not be better than former ones?

The classroom time really took it to another level, making the information more and more familiar. There were Managers in class at all times, giving instruction and answering questions as needed. The Simulation Exam and the Guarantee Exam really challenged me to learn content and to also understand the reason my answers were right and wrong, providing explanations in both instances. There are even Online Flash Cards that test our knowledge to recognize terminology without giving us the multiple choice options. The app available for iPhone users cost about $2.99 but it is great for on the go studying and staying engaged with the course material on I used my Kindle and The Study Manual offered by The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, to prepare for the State Exam. I have my Son's Girlfriend to thank for allowing me to use a Study Manual she happened to have on hand. My study sessions, in addition to the 40 hours of classroom time, amounted to hours and hours of reading but on test day, I am proud to say, I passed! Each State has different qualification requirements. You can check the qualifications for your state here, if you thinking about becoming a Licensed Health Agent too.

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