Helping our animal population is important. Not only to animal lovers and the pets themselves but our communities as a whole. That's why we love what HOPE is doing to help care for animals and help them find loving homes.  Hopes mission is about helping the over population of pets end, thus the acronym for their name has meaning.   The HOPE Organization provides these animals with shelter, food, and vet care, assisting low income residents with a host of needs related to pet care including spaying and neutering.  


That's why for everyone who purchases a GoodBye Fleazz Product using the the link below or any link included on Abornewords, for this product, we will donate to cash, gift cards or purchase products to help to keep HOPE's Supplies all stocked up.

GoodBye Fleazz is an all natural, holistic flea repellent which has been independently tested and approved as a safe consumable supplement for your pet/animal. It has been FDA Approved since 2001. Product is a liquid and can be added to water bowl or inside your pet/animals food. Last 1 month when used as directed and is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.