SERMO is a doctors' 'lounge' where doctors candidly share their true feelings about their profession and lives, but it's also a place where doctors learn from one another by asking each other real life questions, advice and second opinions about medicine.

There are commercials, infomercials and ads trending, encouraging us to see our PCP (Primary Care Physicians) so that we can detect, prevent and cure diseases before any of them can onset or become terminal. These reminders are popping up on Social Networks like Twitter and Facebook too. The most fascinating thing has happened! Sermo, a Social Network for Doctors is here and don’t get it twisted, credentials are being verified so all of you creatives don’t get any fancy pansy ideas blooming in your head about imitating a real Doctor. If you are like me, you will just take advantage of the Blog and leave your comments there. Right now I am also fascinated by Doctors Networks and how loyal patients are to their Doctors. I guess it is the Insurance Agent in me, my love for health and wellness and The Good Doctor. Lately, I have been paying more attention to things outside of work that keep me engaged and connected to Healthcare.