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The talk around the news desk fell on Clinics offering consumers an alternative to the Doctors Office or the emergency room. The argument for some professionals is that the Primary Care Physican is ideal because a full patient history is readily available. The subject of these so called quick clinics did receive national attention, so obviously there are bells and whistles sounding off for a reason. Physicians have reason to be nervous about Covenience Clinics like Walgreens Take Care Clinics. With Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners on staff to care for the sick and provide immunizations and vaccines, trips to hospital emergency rooms will happen only in dire circumstances.

That means patients save money and get the care they need closer to home.

It's obvious that Walgreens realizes that Healthcare is a big business. Strategically, they have made health, wellness and happiness, a part of their everyday culture. Their campaigns and commercials really communicate that message, loud and clear.

Walgreens is not just bragging about their national strategy by talking to Cramer on his Mad Money Show about Alliance Boots,, and how high their stock has risen. No siree, Walgreens is doing what they've done year after year and News Anchor Dan Harris is even talking about it too. The big secret is learning to live happier!

Health and wellness is where it starts. Feeling good on the inside is how we become happier.

Walgreens does not have to worry about conversations like the one going on roundtable concerning Healthcare Clinics. As long as they continue to implement their happier and healthier wellness goals, consumers will continue to use their clinics and remain loyal for years to come.

Just recently, the company announced participation in an initiative, donating the value of three million life saving vaccines for children in developing countries. Their pledge started out as a health initiative happening inside Walgreens Stores and Take Care Clinics around the country. Then, it spiraled into something bigger, a pledge to donate and a partnership with UN Foundations Shot@Life. Immunizations are one way Walgreens makes living well a reality for so many consumers.

With the help of Shot@Life, Walgreens will reach millions of children, protecting them from diseases like measles and polio.