It's time to get everyone talking even more about tapping into affordable when it comes to luxury, designer brands! The best example I can think of would be what Issac Mizrahi has done.

No, it's not his move to offer floral cases and covers exclusively at Best Buy either. Even though it does sound pretty grandiose for a Designer to combine fashion design with tech. Still, that is not what has raised my brows and made this a must. The talented Designer partnered with Kleenex to help in the mission to impact our homes and add to the decor scheme so to speak.

Kleenex is said to have sought out Mizrahi and the power of his brand to revive declining sales of cold and flu supplies. Ideas for Kleenex box designs were not really anything new, as Mizrahi used ideas seen in his spring home and clothing collection.

Another contribution coming from Issac Mizrahi that has benefited the Kleenex brand is his contribution to a Micro Site which will likely entice Brand Fans to get on board with buying more tissues for their end tables and bedside stands.

When you get the sniffles, will you be reaching for a tissue from one of Issac Mizrahi's Kleenex Boxes? Did this 30 seconds of video goodness make you want to buy?

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Source: AdAge


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