Sitting in my cubicle at work is sometimes the best place to brainstgorm about new informative and entertaining Blog topics. Understanding The Buyers Process helps me to sort of look at the consumers role in identifying a need, exploring options and finally making a decision to a buy Health Plan or Ancillary Products like Dental and Vision Plans. In sharing the Buying Process, it brought me back to my Nursing Student Days and I started to think about how I learned the importance of identifying and using subjective and objective data when charting. The difference is as simple as what is being observed and what is being expressed by the patient. A matter of observation and a matter of subject so I Blogged about a need for Insurance Agents to understand that there is process in everything, meaning there are systematic and methodical ways of doing things.

The process I follow as an Insurance Agent requires that I communicate certain legal disclosures to prospects/clients I serve. The fact that these are legal requirements is usually not of interest to the person on the other end of the line so irritation may be something I would have to deal with, if a client is anxious about getting answers or information about Health Plans or their HRA (Health Reimbursement Account).That irritation does not mean that I can forfeit my responsibility as an Insurance Agent to inform clients.

It is so much fun for me to be able to use my knowledge, experience and expertise to Blog at work. Yes, I have a Blog at work too! Don't worry, Abornewords will continue to be one of my top priorities. Working as an Insurance Agent keeps me connected to Healthcare, something I love. Though my goals and career has taken a positive turn away from Nursing, I still love what Nurses do everyday. Harry Connick Jr. celebrates Nurses every year and Robin Roberts came through at the last celebration and Connick even featured a Nurse Practitioner who has created a character called NOLA the Nurse and a book series full of lessons and adventures so that she can influence future generations of Nurses. Get your Nola The Nurse Doll Here

All Healthcare Professionals are important so let this post be a reminder that what we learn and how we connect our ideas, experiences and expertise matters. Jay’Z lyrics in his song called “Reminder” from his Blueprint 3 Album are “I think I better send you a Reminder; here it is” are a perfect choice of words. Remember, we all have something to offer, something to give and something to share. We can influence today, tomorrow and future generations with our gifts. Please continue to share yours so that others can be inspired and grow in the process. That’s all. Kudos…