Listen to our Abornewords Instagram Feed Buzz above. We just may be buzzing about you or another member of your team. Then, check out Ms. Tasha's Marriage Box Post below. The consequences of taking out more than you put in are problems in your relationship. Nothing specifically to mention here, maintaining a healthy balance is what will help keep peace and love flowing in marital unions. I sincerely believe that.

Lady Dahila made an early announcement that she will be performing at the Howlin Wolf, on St. Peters St., in New Orleans with August Alsina at the end of the Summer on August 15th, so we have something extra special to look forward to this season. Dahlia and Tiffany Shante are thick as thieves theses days. They were recently photographed in numerous photos with Mizfit's labeled across the photo frame. We don't know if this is an album or single promotion for the two Artist. Take a look at the photo.

Maybe they were just trying to help us relate to a mizfits mentality. We will keep you posted. Tiffany Shante is looking as good as ever doing her Darla Pose with rosy fat cheeks and all. See reminds me of Darla from the Little Rascals Gang. You can watch the Dope B video here.

Iris P. is next on our Buzz Meter, she was photographed wearing a bright purple dress an Abornwords favorite color. Get this, she was snapped as her hairstylist was finishing up her style. Poree is now blonde and has a permed hairdo full of voluminous curls. The look frames her face perfectly. See for yourself!

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