Once again we feel like we are in the loop on what's trending in what some of you may call the underground Rap Scene for up and coming Rappers from the Greater New Orleans area. We are confident that you will enjoy the sound of this smooth Hip-Hop Music mixed with that old school sound. If there was ever a city that goes hard without making their efforts all about money, it's the Artist coming out of New Orleans.

We feel privileged to be sharing the lyrical expressions of Nice Gunz and others who often feel victimized and voiceless. It is also our hope that you will realize that all the things you go through and do in life is a testament of your story and possibly someone in a similar circumstance. Music is a form of creativity that is as powerful as the writings of great authors. How you share your message is totally up to you.  Enjoy! Also, another member of the Ryda Muzik Family, Fisher Stylez has a new Mixtape out called Industry Ready, available on Dattpiff.