The need to be everywhere and foster growth has companies thinking more and more about expansion beyond the United States. In Disneyland Paris, guests can expect to get a welcoming surprise in 2014, as Remy, from the movie Ratatouille will be greeting guest speaking in French. Bonjour couldn't get any better than that, right?

Global Marketing is of the utmost importance, especially if your business has the resources to pull it off and Disney does. Their constantly thinking of ways to improve their connections with guest who visit Disney Parks and Resorts. Engaging guest and peaking their interest has now taken Disney into, a new market of business, Cosmetics. Since we know for sure that great things come in pairs, check out our favorites by category.

  •  For the eyes
    • Enchanted Kiss
    • Midnight Hour
  •  For the lips
    • Loves first kiss
    • Soul Survivor
  •  For the nails
    • Looking for my Prince
    • Just one bite

Kim Kardashian

The limited high end line will wow mommies and their teen girls who love to connect with their make up brands. Disney has expressed plans for expansion slated for market entry every three months. The contrast between product choices has a theme related edge. Romantic Princess and Villainous Vixen.

Can a good girl be bad or is there always a cloud of envy hanging over one or the other, Explain?

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