The trip to New York City was not in the cards for many of us. We can ,however, feel as though we are getting a makeover everyday. Rocking your fabulous beauty is all about recognizing what you love about yourself and sharing that part of you with the rest of the world.

Famous words "In additon to music I've always considered makeup to be a powerful creative avenue of self expression for me" _____ Katy Perry

Nicole Kim on the phone

When Covergirl asked Black Girls to share their Fabulous Rock beauty, I knew I had a unique story to tell. Sure I had to do it in 250 words or so. With that in mind, I shared the beginning part of my Fabulous Rock Story and urged Abornewords Readers to get in on the fun, by sharing their own unique story. I promised to share the remainder of what I wrote at a later time. Here is what I wrote:

Since I get to be the star of my introduction an announcement for my try at being a real life example of Fabulous Beauty, rocked in my unique way, I have to start out with the basics. What gets me far past the ordinary girl is my beauty routine which includes quite a few Covergirl Products. One primary product I love using on a daily basis is, Covergirl's Olay Concealer Balm. It is a beauty dream come true for me. That concealer balm marked a major change in the industry for brown skin girls.

Besides the liquified texture of most concealer products, purchased from drugstores or supermarkets, being to thin to be flawlessly effective, there was always that other issue of proper shade to worry about.

After I tried Covergirl's Olay concoction, added with my CG bronzer in Copper Radiance, my worries were over. My confidence goes through the roof when I doll up and I rocked my look like a true Black Beauty. I change my look up by adding in Covergirl's Eye Enhancers and some lipcolor.

I used the Covergirl & Olay Concealer Balm above. Purchasing makeup is addictive because new products are constantly entering the market. Find out how you can earn a little extra cash for all those little beauty extras you love Here
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