Okay so Emma Stone is a part of the reason The Amazing Spiderman 2 scored big at the box office and now since it's one of the hottest movies being sold right now, we have to applaud the Actress and her Celebrity Status.

Now we are on to what's to come, from Emma Stone. Chris Nashawaty (Entertainment Weekly) made us recall the Revlon Beauty Emma Stone, with his early references of Woody Allen's movie making skills, before he shared the magical details of "Magic in the Moonlight, a PG flick that mixes comedy and romance. Emma Stone is starring along with Colin Firth who plays an an illusionist named Stanley Crawford. The film is set in Europe in the 1920's era. Stanley Crawford has an alter ego with a last name that sounds nothing like Fierce, Wei Ling Soo. On stage, Soo uses robes and a mustache to draw his audience into his magical illusions, as he performs. Though, he takes his magical powers very seriously, off stage he gets lost in a fiery of contrast, expressing a condescending attitude that downplays the very skills he masters and uses to lure and amaze.

Questioning the belief in magic comes easy to Stanley Crawford. This is where Emma Stone comes in with her Whoopi Goldberg Skills. Remember her seances in Ghost? Well that's just what Emma Stone is doing in "Magic In The Moonlight". Except, unlike Whoopi who didn't really have any romantic interest, unless you count what she shared with the ghost body that took over her, as she relayed messages from the dead.

Stone's character Sophie gets enough attention to receive a marriage proposal from Hamish Linklater, who has asked to put a ring on it!

One has to wonder if the illusionist will end up getting the girl and also if the comedic punchlines will be enough to keep us tuned in to what seems to be an ancient era. The 1920's is was very different from today's Think Like A Man Era, full of smart, successful women and many eligible bachelors on the prowl. Checkout the trailer below. Will you go and see it?

Emma Stone has been a Revlon Brand Ambassador since 2011 and is dedicated to the cause of fighting breast cancer.

Photo Credit: Zimbio