Beauty Goes Gangster

Looking good is a requirement, especially when you are the arm candy to a boss. Emma Stone is not posing in front of the cameras for Revlon in her new movie Gangster Squad, but she is heating up the big screen, with Mary J's appeal, in her red dress, all done up with the boys. Gangster Squad has hit theaters! Take a look at Stone's position among the fellows.

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Emma Stone is bringing in 2013 as a Baddie female, who has to play as hard as the men in her life. Ladies, you may remember her as the face of Revlon Cosmetics. Many fans are wondering if Stone will be able to win over fans like Jasmine Guy did in Harlem Nights, an African American portrayal of the Bugsy Era with a comedic twist. Although the content was serious, fans were able to see love and betrayal play out, while getting a few laughs along the way. Calling Emma Stone the Jasmine Guy of Gangster Squad is a unique way or trotting the success of Harlem Nights, a movie that was packed full of African American stars like: Red Foxx, Eddie Murphy, and Della Rese.  Let's just hope Gangster Squad will live up to all the hype floating around. Based on the track record of Sean Penn, we can probably expect great things.

Emma Stone has lots of female fans. Even the Queen Of Hip-Hop Soul, Mary J. Blige seems to be buying in on the idea of Gangster Squad. Blige recently took the cover of LA Confidential by storm, posing in her own version of Emma Stones Red dress. Gangster Squad is expected to give theater crowds a flick full of bad guys, flying bullets, and big guns, undoubtedly providing the audience with an experience of adrenaline pumping moments.

Emma Stone will draw in her makeup loving girl pals, who fell in love with quite a few Revlon Products, as a result of Stones Beauty Image. Revlon's Shiny Butter Balm Lovers and Photo Ready Fans will recognize her and come out in support, even if they have to peek-a-boo a few times, during the gun fire. Emma Stone's role in Gangster Squad proves that beauty and gangsters go together, like red beans and rice. One word of advice for the ladies, if you are headed to the theaters, don't forget to bring along your beauty must haves, for those bathroom runs. The lighting in the restrooms will make you feel like a movie star too. Not into make up? Bring along a mascara or a lip balm.


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Mary J. Blige credited her many dark moments as being the reason she has such a deep soul, citing her Grammy wins as high points in her career, despite the lows of drug addiction and molestation. Mary made a popular song called Mr. Wrong and the song makes you wonder if she is singing about her Mr. Right, Kendu Issacs. Aside from her creative musical talent, Blige is set to star in Betty and Coretta, a Lifetime Film that chronicles the lives of Betty Shabazz and Coretta Scott King. Find out which character she'll channel from her LA Confidential Interview.

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