Erica Oyama is planning to strike parents, nannies and babysitters with something to laugh hard about! Go The F**k To Sleep is not for children. Let's get that out the way before I tell you why you should be grateful and ready to laugh out loud, for what's to come. It's a book written very simply like "101 Glam Girl Ways To An Ultra Chic Lifestyle" by Fashion Stylist Dawn Del Russo. Except, this book is not written to give women and girls and stylist quick tips on how to stay fashionable in today's society. Ken Marino and Erica Oyama, a husband and wife, teamed up to try and bring the ideas of Adam Mansbach's "Go The F**k To Sleep" Book to life on the big screen.

Parenting is no joke! Stll, laughter is important and the funny will probably come out of Ken Marino and Burning Love Creator Erica Oyama, if they get the visuals right for this one. However, there is a fear that the scarce amount of material does not make for much of a story line, for what should be at least an 80 minute movie.

The one thing  I refreshed in my mind was how wonderful The Orchid Thief Movie, (Adaptation) turned out to be. It was delivered from the perspective of the creator, thinking it though, as the scenes played out before viewers eyes. The scenes came together for a block busting delivery of Susan Orlean's fascination with the beauty of an orchid flower. Darn talented! The Orchid Thief was set free from the confines of Susan Orlean's mind and turned into something that helped us understand the extent of the asexual nature of plant life, and how an orchid's existence in nature could be affected. The creative direction of The Orchid Thief is proof that Erica Oyama and her hubby may be onto something with their planned adaptation of "Go The F**k To Sleep". Creatively telling the very funny story, of parents struggling, to put their little ones to bed, may be challenging but The Orchid Thief is proof that it can be done.

The twist is, Samuel L. Jackson's verbal presentation of the story. Yes , he is an audio reader for the book and actually is being credited with charging its popularity. No, he is not James Earl Jones or Morgan Freeman. He is however, funny enough to make me laugh out loud! Parents, Nannies and even Babysitters, need something to keep them laughing about the challenges of parenthood. "Go The F**k To Sleep"  just might be it (LOL)!

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