Is No Good Deed a movie you would like to watch as a Fright Thriller on Movie Night? Okay I know Halloween is over and you are preparing for Thanksgiving but watching television/movies are a great way to get the family together for some family time.

Technological Advances now allow us to have things like Smart TV's that allow us to connect to the digital world, connecting phones, computers, and tablets directly to our televisions. Can anyone say Comcast, Roku, or Apple TV?

Well you might not be ready to explore those technology options yet. You can however, take advantage of accessing Cinema Now on one of your devices so why not purchase your Cinema Now Gift Card at Best Buy and start indulging in the Movies and Television Series you love?

Here's some of the benefits of purchasing Gift Cards and also some information on how the Cinema Now App can make your viewing times more efficient and versatile between devices.

  • Makes setting spending limits easy
  • Allows you to gift give and avoid pacing store aisles
  • Provides variety as far as choices goes for the receiving party
  • Alleviates the need for gift wrapping
  • Directs the Giftee to a particular brand/service

Here is some of the benefits of downloading the Cinema Now App and Smart TV owner will love this:

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On Best Buy Blogger recently recommended an entire collection of the Halloween Movie for consumers who love a good goose bump thriller. When you want to go scary Halloween is a traditional choice and falls into the same category as Friday The 13th and The Hitch Hiker.

Thinking in terms of something that will be more contemporary and even have an historical backdrop relevant to certain beliefs, American Horror Stories 3rd Season starring Actress Angela Bassett would be a great pick. She portrays the famed Marie Laveau so you get a little truth and a lots of dramatization from Bassett who embraces the role like an Academy Award Winner.

Call it legend, religion, or folk lore but Marie Laveau practices are still very relevant to many individuals today. Watching Angela Bassett will help to bring to life a well known culture practiced by New Orleans Residents and others throughout the country.

Watching the 3rd season of American Horror Stories featuring Angela Bassett is a good way to open up talking within your family and a great way to try and understand the beliefs of those who hold different beliefs from your own. You can purchase American Horror Stories at Best Buy or buy a Cinema Now Gift Card and view it on any of your devices.

Are you planning to shop for gift cards during this major shopping season and are you planning to watch Angela Bassett in the 3rd Season of American Horror Stories as she portrays the famous Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau.

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