Though we are absolutely crazy about Bella Thorn's red, wavy hairdo in her new movie Blended and equally excited that the writers are giving face to a real issue many Fathers and girls face, in what can be characterized as a proportionate dynamic between a Father who has no sons and a girl who has to grow up in a house full of boys, we still want to share some other movies that are coming in the month on June. Before we do, check out the trailer to this exciting new film that includes some Terry Crews funny mixed with lots of Adam Sandler's crazy.

Since I was the only girl, most of the time in my household, I was always competing with my Brothers, playing with them, and doing boyish things like playing sports and spinning tops. This movie is not only going to resonate with blended families but also with girls who may have been and only child or those who lived in a household full of boys.

Now for two other movies that we think you should see in June. Purge 2 and How To Train Your Dragon 2. If you have an evil streak in you Purge may be just the movie to help you live vicariously though the pains or revenge of others. How To Train Your Dragon 2 will be a great family movie choice, so get ready to head to the Movie theater.