Dwight Henry played a large part in putting newcomer Benh Zeitlin on the map for his first film, Beast of The Southern Wild. The roar of his claim to fame somehow did even more for New Orleans and the sweet tooth of child star Quvenzhane Wallis, who is up for the Big Screen yet again in the new Annie Movie.

Dwight Henry claimed the role by charming Wallis with two boxes of luck! According to Henry, he presented her with the donuts and the rest is history. Who could resist a good doughnut right?

Now you will hear many tourist and locals alike, rave about the delicious red beans and jambalaya dishes they've had the pleasure of guzzling down. Most tourist and locals have a tendency to do that quite often. There's nothing wrong with bragging about scrumptious, mouth watering food served down in good old New Orleans. It's just that those foods sound cliche, no matter how you arrange them in a phrase with the city of New Orleans.

I know something that many New Orleans Natives will probably laugh about in agreement. Donuts are just as much a part of New Orleans Culture as red beans, jambalaya and yes Bourbon Street too! I'm not talking Tasty's Donuts or the ever so familiar Krispy Kremes and their hot light. Don't even think about McKenzie's baked goods right now.

Those places are well known drops for your choice of finger licking pastries, but you only get real down home in the inner city neighborhood, where you find your Corner Stores. Growing up, there was always the Donut Man, as we called him, rolling through, with fresher than fresh hot glaze.

The always familiar journey to school started with a stop at the Corner Store for donuts and milk. Penny candies and Red Hots or a more tart snack like Lemon Heads always ended up in my bag too. A wake up call for the tastebuds when you are that young is the sugar buzz that prepares you for roll call in homeroom. Shivers follow after a mouthful, and a bit more kick to your step confirms that you have officially gotten your sugar buzz.

During those early years, the amount of donuts my friends and I purchased from the Corner Store would likely out number any amount we purchased elsewhere.

Forget about Woolworths, it wast on the way. It wad about convenience, and no Publix baked goods didn't exist to us back then either. The corner store owners secured their bottom lines by serving us a donut and a smile. We were glad they existed close to our homes so that we never had to travel far for our goodies.

Those of you who were more concerned about how unkind donuts can be to your waistline may have passed on your chance to savor the flavor of a good donut. I'll be the first to tell you, your self control has helped more than me walk away with the last donut, in my little brown paper bag. Thanks. I guess I can also infer that you never staked out the Corner Store until the donuts arrived in the morning either.

Dwight Henry did put on his acting shoes for his role in The Beast Of The Southern Wild and the swampy sets of Louisiana. His real real roots run deeper into what New Orleans Culture really is. No matter how you define your culture, donuts are included, if you live in New Orleans.

Remember, while you are enjoying tasty dishes in your favorite restaurants, try not to forget to have yourself a doughnut.

Jamie Fox stars along side the young star Quvenzhane Wallis in Annie. We wonder how Jamie will charm the new Annie Actress. Annie hits theaters in December.