Technology, beauty, and music will always be at the center of our focal point. Still, entertainment comes in different forms. The point is to enjoy yourself no matter what you are doing. Work should even be fun for us! At Best Buy, we have fun while being the best because we aim to live our values everyday.

Our latest share has Planes: Fire & Rescue in the spotlight and we promise this will be more fun than Samuel L. Jackson's Snakes On A Plane. Yes, that's me in great lighting at the movies. I could not help but strike a pose while coming down the stairs before viewing time. The movie received a B grade from well known critics. Stephen Lee warns adults not to expect the type of stimulation offered by movies like Toy Story or WALL.E, but Kungfu Panda is a pretty adventurous Family Movie that grabbed adults into the storyline the same way it did kids.

Anyhow, Planes: Fires & Rescue will probably be cool with a capital C for lots of 6 year olds, according to Lee who was sure to highlight the first movie called Planes, buzzing hard about the new movies character Dusty (voiced by Dane Cook) who is an extremely likable character who learns his gearbox is damaged and the replacement he needs to keep up his speed, as an air racer may not be available. So Dusty seems like he will have to do what Tinker Bell did, realize his talent in spite of the circumstances.

Lee believes that the anticipation for the DVD will create more of an uproar than the movie is doing on the Big Screen. Disney's Planes: Fire & Rescue is available for Pre Order on You can order it and schedule your pickup at your local Best Buy Store.  Remember, at Best Buy, we also price match movies.

If you have taken your kids to see Planes: Fire & Rescue, share your photos with us in the comment section or on our Abornewords Facebook Page.

Check out the trailer for the Planes Video Game available for Nintendo Game Consoles