There are those who will tell you that tragedy can bring you closer to God. Others will say faith is something that you either accept or reject. Reminding you of these two facts is one way to ease into the topic of Repentance. Asking for forgiveness is always the right thing to do.  After seeing Repentance in action, in the trailer below, you will have to decide if it's right for you.

It’s like nothing I’ve seen her star in before. A Horror Thriller is nothing like Something New. Looking for love is not her mission. As Maggie, (Sanaa Latham) she already has found it with her new love Tommy (Anthony Mackie). He’s the guy who plays Tupac Shakur in Notorious.

That fact may not have you too excited, but the chills and thrills you get from this will bring you back to Norman Bates days, getting your adrenaline pumping. You can’t help but expect lots of goose bumps and screeching moments, after watching that trailer. Right? Mackie plays a life coach and famed Author who goes missing and Forest Whitacher is the deranged man with the hatchet and a few other tricks up his sleeve. Jason and Freedie may not have nothing on him. I’m sorry, I’m sorry is what they all will be yelling!

There may even be a few laughs in it for us. Mike Epps makes an appearance too. Are you laughing yet? It’s hard to think of him doing a serious role; so funny is all that comes to mind. Jokes on top of jokes is what you kind of expect coming from him. Ever since his roles in Next Friday and all the sequels, you kind of wonder if he has anything else in him. Switching it up would change the course of his career.

Too much to soon would be a catastrophe though. If he only has a small part in Repentance and it’s serious, fans might be able to take it. Anything else would just be hard to digest.

The movie is scheduled for release in February 2014. Are you ready to see a more serious Mike Epps?