Zac Efron, Jay-Z

Feeling close to someone even when you are not in arms length is something truly powerful.

Stumbling upon this movie is a blessing in the guise of a movie! It's called The Lucky One. The movie takes theatre lovers on a journey that shows off a Military Mans coping mechanisms, as he fights through his third tour of Iraq. Much respect for all of the brave men and women who risk it all for our great country, America. Can you imagine the intensity of joy and agony that members of the military can experience on any given day.

The Lucky One places the attention on one mans response to a photo. Then everything else seems to fall in like a perfectly arranged puzzle. This movie sets the pace for lessons learned when you are touched by something that seems to be on a higher level, something that challenges your understanding of reality. Some call it spirituality, some call it love, while there are still others who call it intellectual growth. Coming together, they are all lessons that go deep.

The Lucky One Movie itself is one the should be considered a classic keeper like Jay-Z's Lucky Me Track from his 1997 album, In My Lifetime Vol. 1. Lucky Me was included in T. Starks Time Machine as one of his top fives of all time. He called it a History Lesson, labeling the song as one of Jay-Z's most lyrical tracks.

Good music is good music! Lucky Me is all I could think of when I discovered The Lucky One Movie starring Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner, a motion picture adaption of a Nicholas Sparks Novel of the same name. Lucky Me has a certain lure to it that educates listeners, as Jay-Z's voice flows over the music effortlessly. He's a natural at making fans feel like their on an educational journey. Jay-Z's style draws you in to the good and bad things life has to offer. There is also an ironic connection between Jay-Z's In My Lifetime Vol. 1 Album and his Kingdom Come Album that officially ended his short lived retirement from Rap. The showing of Jay-Z's lyrical depth shows irony because these two albums seem light years apart. Kingdom Come came at a time when everyone was really starting to notice Jay-Z's growth and Lucky Me came so much earlier in his career. Jay-Z didn't just start to be a lyrically sound Rapper, he has always kept his fans educated and entertained with complicated verses. He has effectively turned his street life into a business that maps out his legacy as a mogul. Is Jay-Z really The Lucky One like Logan (Played by Zac Efron) from the movie? Abornewords thinks the answer is yes. You don't have to see The Lucky One Movie in order to get in tune with the idea of survival, love, spirituality, or what it means to be intellectually sound. The Motion Picture is actually an adaptation of a Nicholas Sparks book of the same name. You can get the book here

Now for the fun part! Abornewords put together a list of Chapter Titles/Book Titles for a book that will be inclusive of all the educational lessons found in Jay-Z's Lucky Me Song. Here they are.

    How to stay sane while living the fast life
    The real life of Hip-Hop Artist in the business
    how to avoid lawsuits from Video Girls
    Hip-Hop is more than glitz & glamour
    The things music & lyrics can teach us
    Rappers can go deep too
    How To Love In The Mist of Hate
    The fast Life Can Connect You To a Deeper Faith
    How Superficial Attitudes Can Disconnect You from Truth

We think a book that includes these chapters or title itself will be intellectually rewarding for Hip-Pop Culture. Tell us what you think!

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