Listening to Blog Xilla’s Free Game Podcast really made me conclude a few things. The first, Influencers are creating while they are experiencing their own life struggles and working through relationships with people in their personal and professional lives. Blog Xilla shares a few struggles he experienced before being hired at Global Grind. He talks candidly about being homeless without food, quitting a job at GE, his failed relationship with his Baby Mama and how he built his Blogging Reputation from scratch by sending out invites via My Space.

Secondly, marketing or branding yourself involves many things and can be challenging if you have no direction. Xilla Valentine shares the love as he is interviewed by Carol Michelle by sharing how he is using his reputation and platform to rebrand himself from being a Sex Blogger while helping people to connect during the Movie Party Premieres he host. Telling listeners how he got his name and how he is using stand up comedy shows to continue to proliferate the New Blog Xilla Brand is only part of the tea. The Media Influencer does not know if he will share the thoughts in his head in book form or via some other means but confirms his plans to release more game at some point. He casually jokes about the first video he made and the number of likes it received and seems to be comfortable poking fun at himself. He credits his success to his diligence in shooting and editing his own videos and claims he does not have any large financial backers. Wow, It’s all him people!

Thirdly, you have to be strategic in how you build your brand or brand yourself because branding is not a singular action. Blog Xilla name drops a bit when he talks about some photos and videos that went viral. However, he also drops some jewels about how he uses comedy material about Celebs like Kanye West and his wife Kim Kardashian to land his punchlines just right so current events happening in their lives, ours and our country are not left out. We get all of this and more as Carol Michelle asks some pretty engaging questions, during a 34 minute interview. She really picks his brain and reveals she is doing some writing of her own.

That's all. Kudos...


Film Title: Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode in "HALLOWEEN," released by Universal Pictures on October 19, 2018. Photo Credit: Andrew Eccles/Universal Pictures