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When you think guys like Alpicino, Robert Dr Niro, Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson, you should be thinking of Liam Neeson's. He has a long list of Movie Credits to prove that is a well established Movie Star. News on is best known for his roles in Taken l and Taken ll in my family Circle. His performance won us over easily and once you watch these movies, you love his acting swag too.

His amazing, action, packed gun scenes will keep you excited and anxious to see what's next. I highly recommend that you see all of the forementioned movies.

There's a modest quality present in his personality. You will rarely see him every time be is starring in a movie. The press he does is kept to a minimum and seeing him splattered across multiple magazine covers is not something he does regularly. Don't let his low-key behavior fool you though. He is as bad as Alpino in Scarface and as strategic as Robert Dr Niro in The Good Fellas

when you think of planes, It's probably very hard not to think of Samuel L. Jackson's performance in the movie Snakes on A Plane. Liam can make his attitude do a 360 just like Samuel does in Shaft. Facial expressions are a huge part of what he does. Those I will kill you dead expressions are priceless!

Then of course, there is Denzel Washington, the guy who forces us to see him through so many different eyes. His romantic side may be your favorite, but just give him a pistol and watch how quickly he turns on his tough guy. He will make you root for his victory without thinking twice. Remember his American Gangster performance.

By Now you should have some idea of how Liam Neeson's stands up against these larger than life Movie Stars. These men are the guys we love to see in character, so on this Throwback Thursday we not only recommend that you watch one or both of the Taken Films, we want to ask that you go and check out Non Stop. Look out Liam Fans, we hear there's a Taken lll in the making.

How do you expect to feel when you leave the theater, after seeing Non Stop?


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