Trancedence successfully portrayed love for person and love for tech, in a way that makes true love unforgettable. It's love for profession, especially for all you Type A personality, workaholic achievers. Then, there is a deeper and more intimate love for person. That love is the one that really transcends into something more mental, as the movie progresses, building on technology advancement.

You must own this one! Transcendence forces us to attempt to answer critical questions about technology, examining our own views on how it can improve our quality of life and what our governments role should be as technological advances are discovered. Could technology take us into extremism and ultimate dependency? How much technology is to much? Who will really benefit from new technological advances and who gets paid? There is so much to consider and that is something that makes this movie good, besides the fact that it is a love story.

The love shared between Will Caster (played by Johnny Depp) and Evelyn (played by Rebecca Hall) two of the main characters. Their drive and interaction will make you fall in love with this script, just like the vocals of Morgan Freeman do every time he opens his mouth! Director Wally Pfister really outdid himself on this one.

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