Tyler Perry's Movie is about to drop. With the buzz up nationally, Tyler Perry fans will likely be sitting back enjoying his latest flick Temptation while looking on with curious eyes, as the plot unfolds. Perry is a genius when it comes to putting together story lines that have us all cracking up and wanting more. It is a rare occasion to see movies written by Tyler Perry with seriously dramatic content minus the hilarious comedic twist. According to Actor Lance Gross, a leading man in the film, we can expect to see a lot of thick content that touches on the dynamics of relationship ups and downs, and all of the in between's that keep us glued in for drama filled love scenes.
KaBloom.com LogoPlease don't do it! Stop and don't disturb the peace! Show me passion and give it to me with a touch of street! Those may not be the exact words spoken by Tyler Perry,but maybe he is saying something similar. After hearing Lance Gross speak about his dedication and attempt to always give Tyler Perry what he wants, all of a sudden a thought cloud appeared containing flute glasses and wine. Because those visions appeared in my mind, it's more than likely that we will have a lot to celebrate once the final tally is in for the weekend box office numbers.

These actors are not only learning the ropes, they are walking them with balance. Check out the synopsis for Tyler Perry's Temptation Movie and other out of this world material from the talented Director,Writer, Actor. The Movie hits theaters today! Go out to see Temptation Confessions of a Marriage Counselor and show your support for the Arts.

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