My subscription to The Urban Movie Channel is working out except for a little trouble with my password change and not being able to stream once my 4G access is used up. While I was experiencing streaming heaven and trying to survive without cable, I enjoyed the Foriegn Film Sinking Sands; it was quite a thrill to watch black love blossom before the plot thickened to show deterioration and a new level of intellect, by deviating from the usual plot of infidelity in Black Relationships like we have so often witnessed in watching Prime Time Series Creations like Mary Jane which included famed Actress Gabrielle Union whose powerful position in the Media made some covet her very existence on screen. One thing is for sure, Black Men are not the only ones who cheat, though they are often cast as players or playboys who willing spread themselves around. Watching the plot unfold in the Sinking Sands Movie dealing with the issue of disfigurement is something that really has the ability to trigger emotions that will help viewers connect to the storyline on a more profound level. The fact that the issue of disfigurement challenged the strength of marriage is one reason that fans will likely be talking about more than wealth, luxury fashion, and fast cars.

The domestic violence really came from an emotional place within the husband and the rejection he felt in society and the workforce is what made his rage even more violent toward his wife. Seeing the loyalty and commitment of the wife in Sinking Sands really made me question if guilt held her in the relationship. All I can say is Bob Johnson (founder of Urban Movie Channel) knows how to pick 'em. Sinking Sands if a wonderful movie.

If Bob Johnson keeps this up, he will certainly continue to affect the subscriptions of Streaming Services like HBO On the Go. HBO on the Go charges $14.99 for a subscription but rates vary depending on a consumers choice of package. One wild card in their catalog is a Series called No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency which includes Singer Jill Scott in a starring role as an African Native and lead Detective. Can someone say Girl Power? Her superior acting may not be enough to help increase HBO Subscriptions but she will undoubtedly have everyone taking a second look at service options.

Seeing Africans portrayed in the image of something other than half naked, barefoot and living in tribal environments is something that will provide hope to many Black Families who feel disenfranchised or worse. I'm looking forward to seeing many more images of African American/Black People on television and on the Big Screen that are as positive and meaningful as the ones in Sinking Sands and HBO's No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

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