Shadow & Act Contributor, Tonja Renee Stidhum seems to be yearning for more representation for little Black Girls. Representation Matters is a hashtag that was recently discussed on the Identity Politics Podcast before Fashion Blogger Leah Vernon came on for a discussion and the talking point really got my attention. My understanding is, the hashtag is used to refer to the rarity of seeing Black Actors and Actresses on screen, not only the Big Screen but the small one too. The hashtag #RepresentationMatters is a way to call attention to and a way to celebrate that this is happening in our lifetimes. To be a working Black Actor or Actress in the Entertainment/Film Industry is difficult enough but roles that don’t focus on Black Stereotypes or just some raw comedy are few and far between. For that reason seeing something that requires a mentality that is not superficial and also something other than a Western or a portrayal of some Slavery Era becomes even more important for people of color.

Growing up, it was never a thing I even thought about really; I just knew I felt like I could relate a lot more when I saw someone who looked like me and I felt it was okay to compare my life or hope for what I saw on television. Stidhum described it as having the perfect recipe for childlike magic.

It is magical and something that will ignite creativity and a type of magic for Black Children that can inspire unlimited expectations for their lives and families going forward as they grow into adulthood, making them more confident. Sure, we can reflect on Black Panther and A Wrinkle in Time which Oprah says will be as classical as The Wizard Of Oz for this generation. However, we could just compare those feelings surrounding Black Representation to the remake of Cinderella that starred Whitney Houston and Singer Brandy. Now that’s classic! Still, that does not mean that I dislike Tinker Bell or that I did not enjoy the journey she took to find herself and her purpose. I just know, I appreciate seeing characters that look me on screen and I also realize how serendipitous it can be.

That’s all. Kudos...

Photo Credit: Dopl3r