The Jerk Ribs Video is only part of the rave Kelis has in store for her devoted fans. The buzz trending on Kelis' Food Album is causing Kelis to do everything but Keep It Down. In fact, the Jerk Ribs Video is a side order leading to even more goodies and applauding. Fans will be able to treat themselves to 6 Servings of Jerk Ribs on February 25th. The Pop Star is releasing an EP containing 6 songs dedicated to the Jerk Ribs. Six different versions of the song, including the original will be released under the NinjaTunes label.

There's the Mount Kimble Remix, the Will Saul & Komen Remix and the Beat Him Remix! Pressing replay won't be necessary with so many versions to choose from. Those of you who are up for even longer portions of Kelis' Jerk Ribs get Ben Pearce's extended version and his Radio Edit.

The whole thing is 27 minutes long. You can purchase it on Amazon.

Next, The Cooking Channel is giving Kelis an opportunity to come into our homes and our kitchens via a Cooking Special airing every Wednesday starting, on February 26th 7:30c/8:30e.

The Multi-Platinum Artist had this to say about her way to a man's heart "food is my passion". Kelis will use a dinner party with friends as the creative setting for a dinner that includes Jerk Ribs, Shrimp Fricassee and Goat cheese Ice cream.

Because my Great Grandmother made homemade ice cream all the time and actually sold it from her apartment in the St. Thomas Housing Project, I want to share Kelis' Goat Cheese Ice cream recipe with you all.

4 ounces goat cheese
3 tablespoons light corn syrup
2 cups heaving whipping cream
1/2 cup milk
4 egg yolks
1 cup sugar Saucy & Sweet details here

Kelis is so busy these days! Kelis' Rumble just keeps going and going. The Bossy songstress is running things and also has her own Food Truck.

Here is a Kelis song that will you get ready for her Saucy & Sweet Jerk Ribs and make you love her music even more.

Photo Credit: Itsnotyouitsme