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There always those girls out there that seem to be on the prowl, seeking out Ballers to provide the finer things of life. I decided to put a twist on the way I acknowledge their worth, showing love and shouting out all the true bosses in the game. No names and no blame. I do care enough to speak up for what's in my best interest. That's sort of what my acapella lyrical rendition is about. If it is about more than music to you, then, music is truly serving its purpose.

When Jay-Z and Kanye West first went Ham everyone really knew that The Batman & Robin of Rap were back, stronger and more fierce than ever as a team. The media blasted about them constantly and fans started going ham in support of the newly created slang phenomenon.

Watch Kanye West and Jay-Z go "Ham.

The song challenged gender related ideas about sexuality, presenting fans with material that caused excitement! It is a really provocative song. There is is still that cloud of disbelief looming over ideas associated with the concept of what going "Ham" meant. Some fans just couldn't believe that Jay-Z and Kanye West had the audacity to sing about wild'n out in such a manner. Whatever you are thinking right now, does not change what  going "Ham" is about. Going "Ham" seems to be about freedom, expression, and authority. The lyrical recitation given above is proof that the impact of music is as strong as ever.

In what ways have you gone "Ham" lately?

In One Related News:

Just in case you never bothered to click on the image above, hear what it sounds like when I go "Ham Here

There is so much new music coming out until it's hard to keep afloat. Check out this song from Trina and y'all will see how she makes it clap for Rap.

Jay-Z is not only about to go on tour with JT, his music among others is a part of the soundtrack for The Great Gatsby Movie in theaters today! Check out his latest release with Super Producer the Dream to be included on Dreams IV Play album.

It seems like Lauryn Hill started everything and for good reason. People were judging her recent release saying it was all kinds of crazy. Although it did seem like a rushed version of something the singer could have very well perfected, her rants bring attention to a lot of the things (going on now or not) we should in fact bring voice too. With that said, Listen to Neurotic Society.  Thank you Lauryn.