If you thought Snoop's Reggaeton ways was just another way for him to validate his urge to puff on herb, thing again. Snoop Lion is married to the game in the best way. It's all red hearts for Snoop and his family in his music video entitled It's Good Good.

The Good Good
The Good Good by abornewordsnkp featuring sweat shirts

Post by Snoop Lion.

His Reincarnation happened and so did his reinvention. He is about that life, about Rap, and all about family. The Good Good is the fifth single from his Reincarnation release. Now that's really how Baller Do!

Snoop still has the power to make the ladies fetch his slippers. Then, if you like the way he looks in them, you can click your way over to overstock.com and purchase a pair for yourself or your sweetheart.

Watch The Good Good

Snoop Lion is not loosing any street cred either. The West Coast Rapper is just building his momentum to greater heights with his recent partnership with Overstock.com. The genius of the marketing is shown in his The Good Good Video, as his son presents his lady friend with a nice looking trinket from his Snooper Market (his Overstock Store). Look out Picasso Baby! Snoop Lion is giving us The Good Good right on time. When I shop for music next time, I guess we know who else I will be buying. Keep your eyes on Snoop, he is still so gangster. Fights, kisses, and love for the home team! Go Broadus Family!

What do you think Snoop Lions partnership with Overstock.com will do for his career? Will it help the whole family? Tell us what you think!

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