Did you forget? Husbands, wives, and woman friends let's celebrate one of Raps number one chicks with a buy. Eve has been doing her thing in the Rap Game since forever. The Philly breed Rapper established her reputation long before she ever blew our minds, showing off her Ruff Ryder ways, storming through as that bad bad biker chic with attitude.

We couldn't look with blind eyes as she made her presence known on wax. Ever since her first album, "Ruff Ryders First Lady" we have been hooked. Eve didn't stop with music, she got all in our faces by showing up on camera on her own sitcom which ran for 3 years, a total of 66 episodes. Oh yes She Bad Bad and that is not an overstatement. We have to look up in our mind cloud and acknowledge all the work she has put in to date. Five albums, over 20 titles in film, endless appearances. Her well known role as Terri in Barbershop 2 made everyone respect women who are a little rough around the edges. There is no stopping this Raptress!

After rubbing noses with Industry people and the media at her album listening party, Eve decided to blow listening kisses at us with "Lip Lock" her 5th studio album. Catch the love y'all and pick up your copy. If you have not heard the bells and whistles, she is sounding off yet again. Barnes & Nobles is a great place to shop music. Where did you snag your copy?

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