We don't care what you call them. We think the are Stars who are certainly embracing their own Celebrity while we look on. We want to bring in the New Year by letting you know that we will continue to be on the look out for what's hot and popping in New Orleans and that means we will checking for all the up and coming Artist who are constantly putting out that good, good music.

Admittedly we are still dazed and amazed by the last song Nice Gunz released called "In The Ghetto" and we also still have Fisher Stylez Mixtape featured in our Sponsored Content Area. Call it throwback or just good music that we keep on rewind. All I know is that in 2015 you can expect more unity and organization coming from New Orleans and Ryda Muzik. They have the resources to put out videos, to travel and to pay for photo shoots. If you haven't noticed, they have been doing it over and over again, just to keep up their buzz!

The Big News is that BTY Young'N has touched down and for those of you who don't realize what that means, he is home from prison! Pictured above with his hood in tact, is the young and ready Artist who managed to do the most hood thing, right from prison. He Rapped on a Nice Gunz Track from jail, y'all. We look forward to getting to know the whole Ryda Muzik Family and will keep you informed as we get more in the shadow of the N Crowd.

We will still be giving you the bold hotness of Ayo PrincezZ and her chocolate, Tiffany Shante and her skimpy outfits, Lady Dahlia's good brows, Lana Amazen's ruthlessness and Iris P's out of this world vocals. Oh and we can not forget one of our number one husband and wives teams, Wild Wayne and Mrs. Tasha. They know how to do it fabulous no matter where they are. It's all aobut that New Orleans, so even when we get a little vulgar and disrespectful, please don't take it personal. We still love you too!