When we showed you how them City Boys repped Ciroc Alcohol, it could have made you think overkill. It is just the opposite for “I’m ‘Bout That Life”, a song that features the Legendary Ms. Tee’s perfect vocals on the track with none other than West Bank Rapper Ayo PrinceZz.

That’s right it’s all about New Orleans Females in this post. Ciroc is mentioned in the song but it certainly is not annunciated repeatedly. Perhaps, you need more than a Ciroc endorsement in song to get you on board with Ms. West Bank, Ayo PrinceZz.

No need to fret; you get that and more! Although, the ladies hit a sour note by leaving out the 10th Ward, a major Ward in New Orleans. They shouted out every Ward from the 3rd to the 17th. Leaving the 10th out didn’t seem to bother them. In fact they seem to take pleasure while they were using their exclusion tactics.

However, Abornewords has a soft spot for that 10th Ward. It’s all about that Uptown Sound! They make up for it, by bringing all the boys to the yard. Taking the high road, we have to give credit where it is due. Lyrically the song kills with female fierce sound on what sounds like a Blaq N Mild Production.

Hair and nails talk will make you ladies feel like queens. Who does not like to show off after getting a bad hairstyle? This song will put you in the mood for a little bragging and have you ready to hook up with your girls for some twerking. The beat makes it easy to get your Miley Cyrus on. Classic Trigga Man bounce is not what you will hear, but the rhythm of the alternative is how it goes down. It’s a sure request for a turntable spin, by your favorite DJ, on girls night out! You heard Ayo PrinceZz on the Ponde River Track with Female Rapper GI Peachez. Now, listen to Ayo tag team with Ms. Tee on “I’m Bout That Life”.