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Just when you may have started to miss the sounds of New Orleans Rapper Mystical, Ayo PrincezZ exploded on the scene with her fearlessly, fast Rap tongue, immulating Mystcals Style. She likes it rough and proved it in yet another creatively crafted song, called Loveable Nightmare. She may haunt your dreams and give you something scary to dream about but the balance comes easily after she makes a request for her crown.

To her credit, she does call herself PRINCEzZ. first watch of her 3D Video, all I could think of was Godzilla! I mean degenerates fire and all while trampling cars and crushing everything that threatens to impede her path.

Loveable Nightmare registers high on our hit meter. The Crown Me Commanding Hook sounds so catchy after her fast flow wordplay. There is more going in in The Rappahs World than fire verses and different Street Fighter Attitudes. The video's strategy appears to kill two birds with one stone. It shows that Ayo PrincezZ can hold her own against any man and also manages to ow off her feminine side. Don't believe it? Just check out her fashion and remember she is requesting her crown. She's wearing a Leopard Printed Hello Kitty Jacket, if you didn't noticed already.

Okay, maybe you need more proof. Ayo PrincezZ is known for throwing her chest and she didn't buy her boobs. They 're 100% real! If that's not enough to prove that she knows how off her girly side and strategize using her video, then let us remind you that she also has great legs and flaunts them randomly.

Ayo PrincezZ is not lacking in ability to promote effectively either. She has music up for sale on Itunes, Rapsody, and a few other sites around the web.

Ayo PrincezZ often says, if it don't mAke dollars, it don't mAke sense. Some with deep pockets apparently agrees with her creativity. We will keep bringing you more favorites. For now checkout Wrong N****** below. The song features Lady Dahlia too.

Photo Credit: Ayo PrincezZ