Babyface & Toni Braxton always get applause. We are clapping loudly for these two talented Vocalist for being smart enough to join forces. Their matrimony appears to have stood the test of time. The it's been a long time since they worked together, the result of their commitment is not marked by a ring or some tabloid headline announcing their marriage.

These two friends now get the chance to unite and show us just how much they can vibe with each other. Their new album called Love, Marriage, & Divorce has hit music racks everywhere! Are you clapping yet?

The song, Where Did We Go Wrong takes on characters of its own. I'm reminded of Tyler Perry's popular movie ____ Why Did We Get Married (question). What do you think about them? Well the two stars can both be classified as Artist & Entertainer. They have what it takes to draw you into their tangled little web. Ever since Babyface released his Grown & Sexy album, women and men have respected his appeal in a whole new way. Word of mouth is everything and everyone is talking around the table about Babyface once again. Putting the right words together is definitely an art that Babyface mastered a long time ago.

With Toni Braxton, it's the way her voice drags over the music. She can make anything sound good. She pleads and begs without saying those exact words. If that isn't enough y'all, there is a book out entitled Where Did We Go Wrong. No fans, it is not Toni's upcoming Biography/Tell All.

Love, Marriage, & Divorce is Bound to make us start to examining our relationships from 3 different sides. Is your love truth marriage, love, or divorce?