Take Your Man Stans

Everyone loves to love on the Carter's. No matter if you lean toward Jay-Z or Beyonce, there is no denying, they look good together. There are a couple of problems that are not a part of Jay-Z's 99 and those familiar with Beyonce's talent and drive will agree with this statement, even if they have to whisper about it, grin inwardly, or sing their own answer in a tune themselves. The problem is clear! Beyonce sings her hardest when you go after her neck or her man! She is the only singer that could easily be classified as an All Time Video Chic, but no one dares to say it. She built her reputation by being dedicated and showing her "Crazy In Love" attitude.

People are talking 4 all the time now just on the strength of it being the latest solo album release from the singer. Nothing is wrong with giving credit where it is do. That why we know fans will never forget about songs like Dangerously In Love.

The latest on the singer is good news for her and the lucky songwriters that will be featured on her upcoming album. According to some sources, there are some leaked lyrics that may have been written for Beyonce's upcoming album. Sing please!

  “Hit 'em with that, I'll take yo man band,
Can you hear that, thats them Crazy Love Stans, All she needed was a push and hook to do it with that Texas Trill sound all chopped so she could screw it” (repeat)

Those few words are said to be the meat of the song. It kind of makes you wonder about the songwriter and the beat. Huh! Tell us what you think in the comments section!