After hearing Kanye West perform on SNL (Saturday Night Live) it's obvious that he is ready to give all of himself to his new project. Huffington Rost reported recently that the whold album is already finished and since Kanye has been dropping single after single, we believe it's true.

Black Skinhead is sure to become a new favorite for Kanye West Fans. The song does not disappoint! Even though it's coming from a Rap Artist and considered to be a product of the genre, it just sounds like good music that can easily cross over and play for different audiences.
Fall out, lay down type of music usually comes from R&B Singers, so it was an unexpected pleasant surprise to see West release it all on stage for his Saturday Night Live Set. "Just close your eyes and enjoy the crash are some of the lyrics Kanye blurts out into the microphone before he remind us how much he loves his leather black jeans in song. Listen to Black Skinhead below.

Black Skinhead is being equated to Black guys with bald heads, a way to certainly change any negative connotation that is associated with the Skinheads that are described in connection with Kanye's song on the Rap Genius Website which reveals a little history about how Skinheads came about. The lyrics seem to be getting lots of attention. However, the most powerful thing about the song that came from Kanye really has nothing to do with the lyrics themselves. It has more to do with the demonstrative aspect of his performance. The way he moves, the way he reacts to the song, what it makes him do on stage, and the emotional translation that connects will connect with fans. He is wild, he is active, he is excited, and he makes his exertion look fun!

Get the club jumping is different with this song. Instead of the go get busy kind of dancing that is a lot like what is shown in the movie "You Got Served", fans get a Hip Dance Record that reminds me a lot of what Kelis has been doing with her music for a while now.

Getting fans to their adrenaline pumping moments is what will force them to exert energy and have a good time. What do you think of the song and is this a good song to create a video for?

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