Lady Dahlia has been doing her thing musically for a minute now. At first listen, you have to take a step back or maybe press rewind and feel like whoa. Then, your vibe can mellow out for a smooth listen to the sound of a New Orleans Rap Chic.

It's a Kush (Keep United States Hood) Creation, including one of New Orleans most talented DJ's, BlaqNMild. His reputation speaks for itself, but we have to state without hesitation, his productions are off the chain! The new video features the DJ King Rapping on Lady Dahlia's Song called Make Me Feel.

The tag team couldn't be more perfect! Rapper Tiffany Shante cameos in the video too, showing off her cute blond haircut. Let's face it, these ladies do not have to try hard to shine. Their chemistry is leaking Hip-Hop attitude and school girl appeal.

New Orleans is on with the kind of talent that you rarely hear about, so we are putting them front and center! The language is clean cut, clear and to the point. I really hope you understand.

Lady Dahlia mentions, the belated R&B legend, Marvin Gaye_____as she raps to BlaqNMilds sweet tunes, on Make Me Feel. The song is very different from her YOLO which is all about the party life and living for today. The change in style and flow shows off her diversity, as an Artist. BlaqNMild is famous for putting Female Rappers on in video cyphers. The most recent Cypher 4 is presented by Lady Dahlia. We want you to take a look at one of our favorites.

What do you think of Make Me Feel? Does it remind you of Adele's Make You Feel My Love? Whose love goes deeper?