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Everyone was yelling comeback and reminiscing about "The Boy Is Mine" when Brandy & Monica debuted their new collaboration called It All Belongs To Me No One knew the impact it would have or how it would take, Brandy & Monica, two very popular ladies, to new heights. The wonder was over for a lot of you, once Brandy did the collaboration with Chris Brown. Ask the right person and you will start to hear the comparisons of the two song birds, Monica and Brandy. Which collaboration is hottest? Which female is hottest? Oh and we can't forget the real question lingering in the cloud. Which collaboration is hottest?

The collaboration that graced 106 &Parks countdown the longest is obviously the Brandy and Chris Brown video "Put It Down". The song has pushed Brandy to a new level of stardom in music, likened to her televison and movie credits. Moesha is gone! She is still our Cinderella though, except, she has a few new moves and a new style of musical delivery in tone. Her string of performances promoting her new album Two Eleven have not only defined her new style, they have made everyone realize that she is a force to be reckoned with creatively. The girl with the Movie Star Face and Body was all took over the stage! Brandy has put in the work and gained momentum in the Music Industry. There are a lot of fans out there still begging the question. Which song is or should be hotter? "It All Belongs To Me" or "Put It Down"? We came up with the Abornewords Spin, after analyzing the hype. The Spin is centered on the concept of Boy Meets Girl and Fist Ponding Girl Power. We want to see if we can help you determine who gets the ring! There is a battle to be won in all directions. It's between the divas and the songs. Here's our take!

 Boy Meets Girl is like the characters, of Jane, Tom, **ck, and Sue, from the school books you read as a youngster in grade school. It's really like building anticipation for what will happen next! In song, for Brandy and Chris Brown, Musics Love Connection happens in song and on screen during the video too. A lot of you were probably thinking of Gary Coleman's famous words "what you talkin' bout" replacing Willis with Rhianna or Karruache, when you saw the video for the first time. The flames were there in song and on screen in the video. brandy and Chris Brown have that Jay-Z and Beyonce kind of Chemistry. That is probably the reason some insiders claim the song was originally written for Beyonce. Whatever the case, the songs popularity proves that Hip-Pop Culture is feeling what those two are putting down. The final determination for many of you will be that "Put It Down" is all about bringing love together, making it last, and enjoying where it takes you.

The Fist Pounding Girl Power Song "It All Belongs To Me" is on some lost love, breaking up, used and manipulative kick. Its what a woman may feel when she's sorting through her emotions. The thing that happens when love goes wrong. The video is an exagerated version of what a woman may be thinking when love fails. You know, whats on her mind when her Left Eye starts twitching. There is no romanticism of music. Fans get to feel angry and they will definitely choose sides. The best thing about the song is that everyone can probably relate to the lost love theme. Your final determination of Brandy and Monica's collabortion will probably vary, depending on your gender. Females may be thinking, something like, get ya hat get ya coat! Males, on the other hand, may differ, having thoughts of fixing the whole ordeal with flowers or candy. We just want to remind our readers of one very important thing. In order to encourage longevity in your relationship, always remember why you fell in love. Who gets the ring? Boy Meets Girl or Fist Pounding Girl Power? Tell us what you think!

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