Record Labels and Music Managers follow the beat of their own drum, when it comes to the promotion and direction of their Artist. Depending on the contract, they often have the final say on single choices and sometimes the creativity of the Artist does not match with the ideas of the Manager and the rest of the team.

Once a song/video drops, fans can disagree with the choice too. BTY Young'N has a video called Automatic Or Revolver out right now. It hit You Tube a couple of weeks ago and has over 700 views. Popularity will likely continue to rise, if we base performance predictions on another one of the Ryda Muzik's releases from BTY Young'N which has gained notoriety with over 35,000 views.

Yes, this Young'N apparently has some street credence. With a mixtape that has over 14,000 views on dattpiff, the expectations can only be positive for the youngsters future in music.

Automatic Or Revolver

Still, the Automatic Or Revolver Video does not seem like the best choice hit wise for the Artist. There are so many. great songs on his mixtape. There's I'm Not A Star, a rhythmatically sound track with a catchy hook. The song is tight lyrically and BTY Young'N sounds unselfish in his delivery. Beef is another one, it plays with Deli like crazy on the gangster side.

Anyone up for a sandwich? You will have to listen to appreciate the humor of that question but I digress. Those two songs sound like the type of songs that would get the people rocking more with Ryda Muzik agenda. However, we are not making the choices, so we have to just go with the flow. There are no videos out for those two tracks, you can listen to about 2 minutes of the Beef Track below.

You will have to check out I'm Not A Star and the rest of BTY Young'N on Datpiff. Tell us what you think of that Ryda Muzik coming from BTY Young'N.