We have been waiting for the right time to introduce you to the sounds of New Orleans Rapper Choppa. The night time may be the right time for a great party, but Mardi Gras Time is the perfect time for you to learn a little bit more about this Rap Veteran.

Yes, Yes y'all , he's doing his thing somewhere outside of the gym. The New Oleans Rapper is making his mark in the music game and promoting Choppa Style as a way of life.

After hearing how he turned the classic Mardi Gras Mambo Song into a bounce song, we had to share the huff and puff of his game.

Choppa released his Choppa Style Meek Mill Intro Video, showing off his lyrical pow wow, on Meek Mills Dreams and Nightmares Into Track. Not only that, the Who Dat Rapper has 4 albums to his credit and has worked with Me. Tee, B.G., Master P., and Currency. Being signed to No Limit gave him even more credibility early on in his career, when he released his Straight From The N.O. Album in 2003. There is no word on whether or not he will link up with Master P for future projects.

However, Social Media is helping him to introduce himself to a larger audience. According to some Instagram post, he is the Brother of, R&B Diva, Ms. Tasha, wife of famed Radio Personality, Wild Wayne (Q93).

It is not clear whether he is her Brother from another Mother or not, all we know here at Abornewords is that he is a Hip-Hop Head with a sense of humor and lots of music to share. He has dropped a few funny video snippets and also makes it a point to share written humor from around the web. The fact that he shows off his body, on Instagram, had nothing to do with our choice to select his Mardi Wobble for this feature. It is Mardi Gras Season people! His song puts a modern spin on the classic Mardi Gras Mambo Song. LISTEN go both songs and tell us which one is you like best.

Photo Credit: Ms. Tasha Benjamin