Call it a smart move or just plain genius but Rappers on the come up are recognizing that being commecial is not all bad. The latest Rapper to show commerical love is City Boy. Here he is pictured on the Red Carpet at Atlanta's Underground Music Awards, in his patriotic gear.

He is calling himself "Da Boss" and a few other things.  He just might be onto something.  Not stopping at Diddy's Ciroc Vodka, he is also including two of Raps greatest and most controversial Mc's. Tupac and Biggie.  City Boy is Rapping about sipping Ciroc, yachts, and beautiful girls. To layer on hsi own popularity he raps "Ni***s die a lot, ni***s die a lot, so when I die bury me next to Big or Pac".

The Atlanta MC does not forget to remind everyone that being a black man is hard.  His use of the N word adds controversy to the track.  It's enough to make quite a few bows go up.  Maybe he took his commercial tactics a bit to far but he's riding in to claim his position, by any means necessary.  Watch his new Video here!