Gunsmoke looked out for us and helped to bring us a long awaited feature from New Orleans Rapper D-Nice (Gunna). His Rider Anthem comes with arm winding action as they sing the Ima Rider portion of the hook. Check out their so New Orleans Style. It's smooth and catchy, something to bring the type of awareness needed in todays Hip-Hop Culture. Take a look see.

Apparently, we got our signals crossed when we reported on the song name.; Instead of Ima Rider, the song is entitled Hard Nights. Their Rap Style is not overly hardcore, a refreshing offering since most new Rap Artist, in Hip-Hop, feel like they have to go super hard. These hood friends chose to do something different and the sound provides something that is easy to listen to, when you are cruising down the street. The lyrics put the street life in the spotlight, telling what it means when money and drugs are a chosen path.

Cool sneakers and white tees decorated with fancy font can be seen throughout the video. They even show off Chippewa Street in the video. Yes it does seem like war on the street of D-Nice's Stumping Grounds. It's still an Uptown Thing for the New Orleans Rapper. His allegiance is so red, white and blue. Are you ready to sing the Uptown Anthem with the fellows? If you are not down yet, the goals of these young Rappers are still clear and being realized in a time when Independent Music is the norm. If the streets are watching, then its very obvious that the music matter and their focus is on what they love, music. AOG (All Over Gwap)! The team provided what we needed to hear, so we are down for them at Abornewords. D-Nice is even decked out in camouflage pants.

We don't know what kind of sign that is, but we do know that we mentioned his interest in a G.I.P. feature. Well this could be his own little way of pledging his allegiance. Let's just wait to see what the future holds! You need to be cautious of the cherry on top though. Look what designer the kid in the video is wearing. Yeah, you are seeing right. It's a Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt! Books!

What do you think of the Gunsmoke and D-Nice feature video? Is it hard enough for you to rock with your dudes and mellow enough for you bump with your girl? Tell us what you think!