Ready to laugh? Seriously, I hope you are. By the time you finish listening to Really Don't Care, a Demi Lovato Song, I believe you will be LOL. Once you catch the lyrics, you will understand.

As I have shared before, here at Abornewords like at Best Buy, it's about having fun and being (the best) entertained. That's part of the reason, sharing Demi Lovato song with you is so important.

Before I share the lyrics that just overtook me with joy and really made me realize that music is a universal form of expression, I have to agree with Jay-Z, on his no genre position. Music is just music! On the business side, I understand the need to categorize the sound of music and put Artist into categories. It gives purchasing direction to consumers and can really be a source of creative direction for Artist who create to attract certain target audiences.

When lyrics touch you in the right way, you will see past color, language, and genre. Here are a brief portion of the lyrics, of Really Don't Care featuring Cher Lloyd, that made me love the song.

Even if the stars and moon collide, I never want you back into my life, you can take your words and all your lies, Oh, Oh, Oh, I really dont care, oh, oh, oh, I really don't care" "I cant believe I stay up writing songs about you, you dont deserve to know the way I use to think about you"

Now, I hope you get it and I also hope you know that I love to hear the Hood Star Artist holding it down. We have to share music, people, products and services that we love and connect with everyday. In addition. we have to support our favs with purchases.

We would love to know what you think of Demi Lovato's song. Tell us in the comment section! It's like Lil John said, Turn Down For What? Listen for yourself. Demi Lovato's World Tour starts on September 6th. The Artist will appear at Amway Center in Orlando on [ySeptember 15th and at American Aorlines Arena, in Miami, Fl, on Sept. 14th. She will be in my home city, New Orleans at the Lakefront Arena on Sept. 17th. Will you be there?

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